Month: February 2019

Home renovation for a loan

Performing home renovation very often involves significant expenses. This applies especially to general renovations, which require renovation work in the whole house or apartment. At the same time, the performance of a general overhaul allows often to reduce the costs of renovation work in relation to the renovation of individual rooms separately. Large financial resources […]

Loan for a flat – who can get it?

  Not everyone has the right savings to buy their own apartment. Here, however, banks come to help. Not everyone, however, will get a loan for an apartment. What conditions must be met then?   Many Poles dream about their own apartment. Often, only a small studio is enough to feel at home. However, if […]

Christmas loan

Christmas is fast approaching. Along with it, there are also various expenses that we have to cover. In this situation, many people decide to take a loan. Which offer will work best then? According to research conducted by various research institutions, we spend on average around PLN 1 200 for Christmas. Of course, some people […]